Welcome 2018, a brand new year! Have you selected some goals for the new year?  I have, I want to help 36 families find a new home.  It is important to talk to a lender, or several, and find out where you stand on the possibility of a mortgage.  

Some people have pre-conceived notions that they cannot afford a home, but in reality you can have some debt and still get a mortgage.  In fact, you may spend less on your cost of living than if you are paying rent somewhere.  Conversely, if you think you have all your ducks in a row, maybe you are missing something and need their advise.  If you need some suggestions of who to talk to, call me and I will give you some good names and numbers.

This cold weather is keeping me inside, what about you?  When it’s too cold to walk around the dog park, then I hesitate to knock on doors.  I really like my own neighborhood and am glad to help others find a home here.  Who do you know looking to buy or sell a home.  Would you call me and give me their referral?  I need your help to reach my goal.

Remember, I want to help 36 families this year.  Who do you know?

Carol Lunde, 515-249-7272